Medicaid Fiscal Issues, and Changing U.S. Healthcare System

Medicaid Fiscal Issues and the Changing U.S. Healthcare System are the topics for the final two videos from my George Mason guest lectures, which are now posted. (See below.)

Discussing the evolution of U.S. healthcare delivery and financing was particularly challenging because of the many ongoing and approaching changes, such as the Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model, the implementation of MACRA, the launch of CMMI’s Oncology Care Model, and the steady expansion of value-based arrangements in the private market.

Overall, I hope the the background information and perspectives from this guest lecture will be useful for people looking for a better fundamental understanding of the fiscal and operational dynamics of the evolving U.S. healthcare system. And specifically, this type of knowledge base will be useful for appreciating how initiatives and proposals (like those mentioned above) will significantly alter the U.S. healthcare system in the coming years – and affect patients, clinicians, health systems, biopharma companies, researchers, and payers.

The topics for all five videos are listed below, and are available on the HealthPolCom YouTube Channel.

  1. U.S. Spending on Health and Healthcare
  2. Medicare and U.S. Healthcare Spending
  3. Challenges for Estimating Future Healthcare Spending
  4. Medicaid: Federal and State Fiscal Issues
  5. Changing U.S. Healthcare System: New Payment and Delivery Models

Enjoy. Pass along to your colleagues and friends. And as always, constructive comments are welcome!

Medicaid: Federal and State Fiscal Issues

Changing U.S. Healthcare System: New Payment and Delivery Models

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