CER, HIT, and Women’s Health Research

Below is a video of my discussion with Phyllis Greenberger, President and CEO of the Society for Women’s Health Research, about the implications of comparative effectiveness research (CER) and information technology for women’s health and quality improvement.

What are your thoughts about CER and HIT?  Will they lead to higher quality, lower cost, or more efficient/better healthcare?  And if so, how soon?

FYI – The SWHR’s July 18-19 meeting mentioned in the video is “What a Difference an X Makes: The State of Women’s Health Research.”

5 thoughts on “CER, HIT, and Women’s Health Research

  1. Great discussion and nice video blog. Phyllis’s talking about CER and Women’s Health Research was noteworthy.

  2. Really nice discussion with Phyllis. I really appreciate your video having very good quality of sound & picture. Thank you..

  3. Hi Michael, nice blog shared above. Very helpful video shared about Women’s Health Research. Really great job.

  4. I appreciated your discussion with Ms. Greenberger, and a number of points continue to be of concern; particularly that of women being underrepresented in large clinical trials. As a PI in cardiovascular trials, we tried hard to recruit women, but the issues of time, transportation, and concern in the childbearing woman of litigation were huge barriers. Perhaps we need to issue grants with the stipulation that at least 30% of the recruits need to be women, OR reject papers that have a severe underrepresenation of women as not clinically valid.

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