Aligning Information and People to Produce Results

Mission Statement:

Accelerating healthcare improvements by elevating stakeholders’ engagement with therapeutic innovations, delivery system transformations, insurance market reforms, and new financing models. Achieving that acceleration with greater transparency and accountability for all stakeholders through effective communications and strategic initiatives, which shifts people’s hearts and minds, pivots their natural resistance to change, and increases their expectations for access to better quality care and insurance coverage.

Helping Companies, Organizations and Communities By:
Hopkins Gate at Williams College

  • Analyzing economic, clinical, scientific and political aspects of healthcare issues to achieve positive, measurable results.
    » Data » Knowledge » Results »
  • Creating and executing strategies that align and activate internal and external stakeholders to produce desired outcomes.
    » Structures » Processes » Outcomes »

Examples of Project Areas and Services:

  • Analysis and Project Management for Policy and Business Challenges and Opportunities
  • Strategies for Stakeholder Alignment and Actions
  • Support for Marketing, Reimbursement Strategies, and Investing in Innovations
  • Research and Writing for Healthcare Executives and Stakeholders
  • (See Case Studies)

Examples of Project Objectives:

  • Transformed Care Delivery and Reimbursements Yielding Higher Value
  • Increased Stakeholder and Customer Engagement
  • Expanded Market Access and Utilization
  • Enhanced Image for Organizations and Products


“…thank you for your contribution to our panel discussion at the HMO Alliance meeting.  This session was well received by our CEOs, Medical Directors and Pharmacy Directors…. our sincere thanks for helping to make this meeting one of our best ever.” Dana McCormick, Director of Care Innovations, The HMO Alliance

“Your comments about the role of increased treatment utilization in driving the need for comprehensive Medicare reform were very important and underscored for our group the complexity of the problem facing the healthcare system.” Connie Trump, Associate Director, Knoll, and Co-Chair AACE Corporate Advisory Board

“Your insight into the prescription drug issues will be of great assistance to the Committee as we work to address this national problem in a comprehensive manner.” John D. Rockefeller IV, United States Senator

“The majority of our audience members came prepared to dispute your position on the cost of prescription drugs. You made a most effective presentation, with concrete facts, and gave our audience a lot to think about.” Arima Freas, President, Manhattan Borough-Wide Inter-Agency Council On Aging

“Mike is an excellent writer and a very good editor.”Steven Grossman, Executive Director, The FDA Alliance (now the Alliance for a Stronger FDA)

“Thank you for the fabulous grand rounds at Caritas Carney Hospital yesterday.  You obviously put a great deal of time and thought into presenting to us; your lecture was a remarkable overview of so many issues affecting our health care system today! You have a great mind to be able to have both the comprehension to understand these concepts, and the ability to synthesize numerous trends and ideas into an integrated presentation. Two of the best compliments to you are 1) docs  stayed until the end of grand rounds and 2) our new insights inspired conversations and debates in hospital halls and offices all day long!” Mary Lou Ashur, MD