Business Perspectives on Comparative Effectiveness Research

Comparative effectiveness research continues to be a hot health policy issue for many companies and stakeholders, in part, because they’re concerned that CER information will be used to deny access to innovations because of cost.

I recently talked with Jeff Sandman, CEO of Hyde Park Communications, about how healthcare companies should productively approach CER issues, and how quickly CER would lead to dramatic changes in the healthcare system.  (See part of our conversation below.)

There will certainly be more reports, seminars, meetings and Congressional hearings about CER as the $1.1 Billion in ARRA funding for CER is distributed, and the results of that research begins to roll in. I’ve written about CER in the past, (see here and here), and expect to continue writing and talking about it in the future – and I would be very interested to hear anyone else’s perspectives on this issue and how they think it will impact the transformation of healthcare.

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