Starting a Blog….

Welcome to HealthPolCom Blog’s first posting. This blog was started to provide stakeholders of all types, (such as patients, clinicians, administrators, payers, researchers, regulators, legislators, etc.) a forum for discussing healthcare policy issues. The focus of these discussions will be about how the development and use of innovations can effect clinical and economic outcomes.

HealthPolCom Blog is an outgrowth of HealthPolCom Consulting which I started in 2000 to help engage and educate stakeholders about improving the US healthcare system with the development and adoption of innovations. This blog was launched in January 2008, and will likely evolve in substance and look. I also expect to include postings related to the book I am currently working on finishing, titled “Fixing the US Healthcare System.” Stay tuned for more about that.

Please let me know your suggestions for topics, content and appearance. Thanks.

p.s. Just to share a quick picture with a small striped bass from 2007:

Small Striped Bass - 2007

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