Reviews for Michael D. Miller, MD

“Thank you for all the work you and your team at NGA did to facilitate the event in Nashville. We will long remember the NGA-NAM summit as a seminal event. I look forward to further work together.”

John Dreyzehner
Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Health

“I wish to add my thanks once again for the exceptional effort reflected in your February 19, 2015, presentation to our financial policy students. I understand from [Professor] Barry Clendenin that the specific attention to Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act’s costs and benefits offered valuable and timely perspectives to our students as they analyze financial questions affecting the Federal and State Governments. We appreciate the quality and thoroughness of your lectures and the enthusiasm reflected in your interactions with the class members. We are grateful for you continuing support for our students, and the public policy experience you bring to our classroom.”

Mark Rozell, Acting Dean
George Mason University
School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs

“He’s Wicked Smart!!”

      Alixe Mattingly
Public Relations and Political Strategy Consultant

“Your insight into the prescription drug issues will be of great assistance to the Committee as we work to address this national problem in a comprehensive manner.”

      John D. Rockefeller IV
United States Senator

“I just wanted to thank you again for coming to Brown to lecture to my Congress and Public Policy class on March 6th. The reviews from the students were overwhelmingly positive. Your extensive knowledge of the mechanics of the legislative process, as well as the details about health care programs, was very impressive. The students pointed out that they found your lecture comprehensive and engaging, which is a hard combination to achieve. I am pleased that Brown students had an opportunity to learn from your experience in the health care policy arena.”

Wendy J. Schiller, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
Brown University

“…thank you for your contribution to our panel discussion at the HMO Alliance meeting.  This session was well received by our CEOs, Medical Directors and Pharmacy Directors….our sincere thanks for helping to make this meeting one of our best ever.”

      Dana McCormick
Director Care Innovations, The HMO Alliance

“Your generosity in sharing your knowledge and expertise is deeply appreciated.”

Laurie Flynn
Executive Director, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

“Others told me that the content of the meeting was most informative, and specifically mentioned that your presentation was enlightening.”

Zoe Myers
Disetronnic Corp.

Co-Chair, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists’ Corporate Advisory Board

“Many thanks for participating in last weekend’s meeting of the AACE Corporate Advisory Board.  Your comments about the role of increased treatment utilization in driving the need for comprehensive Medicare reform were very important and underscored for our group the complexity of the problem facing the healthcare system.  Your comments also provided ACCE with a compelling rationale for the position statement the Association is developing to support the need for comprehensive healthcare reform.   We want you to know how very much we appreciate you sharing your considerable expertise and experience with us.

Connie Trump
Associate Director, Knoll

Co-Chair AACE Corporate Advisory Board

“You were a great addition to the [Public Relations Society of America’s] Health Academy conference this year.”

      Stephen Davidow
Chair, PRSA Health Academy Teleconference and Sponsorship Committees

“I greatly appreciated your willingness to be on the ‘hot seat’ at MCIAC’s annual breakfast forum.  The majority of our audience members came prepared to dispute your position on the cost of prescription drugs. You made a most effective presentation, with concrete facts, and gave our audience a lot to think about.”

Arima Freas
President, Manhattan Borough-Wide Inter-Agency Council On Aging

“Your presentation on Medicare prescription drugs from the pharmaceutical industry’s point of view was enlightening and informative.  Your comments and responses to audience questions added to the dynamic exchange and enhanced the quality of the forum immensely.

We truly appreciated your time and effort.”

Elise Feurestein Karras, ACSW
Secretary Manhattan Borough-Wide Inter-Agency Council On Aging

“Your insight was beneficial to all of us, and helped set the stage for an important, not to mention lively, post-presentation discussion.  In the climate of uncertainty about how seniors will pay for their prescriptions, your thoughtful conversations with my constituents that morning was truly appreciated.”

      Chuck McIlhinney
Pennsylvania State Representative, (143rd District)

“You were a class act…”

      Tiffany O’Neil
Staff of Rep. McIlhinney

“Georgetown Policy & Business in Medicine thanks you for speaking to us this past Friday on behalf of PhRMA.  A number of medical students that attended your talk told me that they found your presentation both informative and engaging.  I personally came away from your talk with a clearer understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, and a greater appreciation of its complexity.  Thank you again for your time.

Kiran Reddy
Georgetown Medical Student

“My colleagues on the Council as well as our guests agree that your presentation was informative, lively, and thought provoking.  There was also a good exchange of information and views during the question and answer session.  I hope that you found the audience interesting, attentive and engaged.

We look forward to inviting you to be a presenter at a future Council meeting.”

Marcelino Oliva, DO
Chairman, Council on Federal Health Programs
American Osteopathic Association

“The Council members were unanimous in their opinion–they thought you did an excellent job–presentation, content lively Q&A–excellent all the way around.”

Susan Friedman
Deputy Director, Government Relations
American Osteopathic Association

Audience/CME Evaluations for “Medication Development and Approval Process”

  • ( 5= Excellent and 1 = Unsatisfactory)
  • Material was presented clearly and understandably = 4.4
  • Educational objectives were met = 4.5
  • Qualifications of the speaker = 4.8
  • Effectiveness of the speaker = 4.5
  • Visual aids = 4.6
  • Was the program scientific and free of commercial bias? 100% = YES

Georgia Academy of Family Physicians 53rd Annual Scientific Assembly

Audience/CME Evaluations for “Pharmaceuticals: “Access, Costs and Other Issues”

(5 = Superior, 1 = Weak)

  • Overall rating = 4.1
  • Presentation = 4.4
  • Knowledge = 4.5

“Again, thank you for your support of our Annual Conference and for being an integral part of its success.”

Ed Bullington
Executive Director

Arkansas Society of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians

“You were a wonderful moderator and speaker and I appreciate your attendance more than I can say.  I do hope that I will have the pleasure of working with you in the near future.”

Susan Woodworth
Virginia Association of Health Underwriters

“Your testimony was very beneficial and proved valuable to the committee.”

Roy W. Cornell
Pennsylvania State Representative (152nd District) & Majority Policy Chairman